Saturday, November 3, 2012

eugene bike church

During the winter of  '10 a friend of mine from Aprovecho, Eleva, moved out to Eugene. I went and visited her one weekend and she took me with her to this anarchist bike shop warehouse, called the bike church.

The bike church was, at that time, part of the free school. (Free school being a loose affiliation of people with skills willing to teach those skills to others for free, or donation). There were two teachers at the church, Morgan and Phranque. Morgan lived in the church, in her biodiesel greyhound bus. That's really the first thing that i remember about the place- this gigantic bus taking up most of the warehouse, everything else just kind of existing awkwardly around it.

 They had some pretty interesting things going on- tall bikes, side by side tandems, and other strange bike hacks. Eleva and i hung out for a couple hours, rode the tall bikes and the tandems. I was in love.

So when my year long residency at Apro wrapped up, i knew that some interesting things awaited in Eugene. And they did, I joined the bike church, became housemates with Phranque and started building some silly bikes.

More soon.

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