Thursday, March 5, 2009

Carlos can make a machine, break it and fix it

Today we flew through more work around the shop, Erica continued sorting, Erin and Dory organizing the roof, myself fixing bikes, and Roca working on the rear mounted liquadora (which makes so much sense i can´t believe Carlos isn´t churning them out by the hundreds!)

I really like Roca´s design, what with the painted gear underneath and all. He also found a little duck figurine he said he´d superglue to it. He rode it down the hill some, it worked great. I can´t wait to make one myself- this is really the way to go, the rear mounted attachments, much less materials, much less time, plus you get to keep your existing bike- so smart!

The ladies and their massive overhaul:

I might not look that organized, but it really is.

We also had a new face show up, not a volunteer per se, more of a friend of a former volunteer. Her name is Christine. She´s just passing through on an amazingly long journey from Baltimore MD to southern Argentina. Holy crap.

You can read about her travels here, or click the link under "realted blogging" at the top right of this page. Also over there you can also find Dory´s blog for her year off from school. (Its really fascinating for me to read what someone else is writing about the... same... things... like being in the twilight zone or something).

Oh! Exciting news! Carlos had a call from the BBC this morning, they want to interview him for apiece that will get syndicated to all the major US networks! He is really stoked.

I asked Carlos after his call, about how he comes up with designs- he said he just sees them. Sometimes in dreams, but mostly he´s always building things in his head. He said he can build something, break it and then fix it in his head. The craziest part is that he says he can do all this while holding a conversation, and that he does all the time. Now, i don´t know that much about itelligence, but what he described to me sound like the brain functionings way beyond normal human capacity- these are the kinds of things that Nikola Tesla and Albert Einstein claimed to be able to do. We´ve referred to him as a genius in the past, but i think now we can do so more assuredly.

And somehow organizing inner tubes turned into a giant ring toss with human-sized targets.

Which then devolved into lets-dump-the-bag-on-matthew

Getting walloped in the head felt a lot like this

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  1. did einstein/tesla actually claim to be able to do those things? can you cite your sources?